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Stéphane Rolland Fashion show- Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 (with interview)

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Couturier: stephane rollandlocation: in the couture rooms of the stephane rolland house, avenue george v. an ancient fashion show in the stéphane rolland rooms, with an explanation as the background sound and each model passes holding their own number (17 in total).silhouette: longline ball gowns, slender, sleek, with plays on pleats, ruffles and crystal embroidery adorning the garment like a jewel.focus: the first outfit, the black jumpsuit with ruffles, the true signature of the couturierto note: the novelty of the season, the knotted tie wrongly wise on the transparent blouses.interview from stéphane rolland:when you live in a world that’s disturbed, crazy, and stupid, sometimes you just need to look into the past to build the future. i think, like me, lots of other people also wanted to find some paris essence, the essence of haute couture. i wanted to invite them to my house and a person told me that if i have presented the dresses here, where they were born and that's exactly this.you have some women, often younger women, who like highly structured things, who want strapless tops with big skirts, and there is a second silhouette which is more gracious, more fluid, but the two silhouettes have the same amount of work. they are pleated, constructed, in 3d visual effects, draped organza, crystal encrusted leather embroidery... it was such a big work executed in only 15 days.music of the show (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)