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A tribute to André Courrèges : an iconic designer of the 60s.

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andré courrèges has died at the age of 92. short little pinafore dress, vinyl jacket, jazzy colours, andré courrèges was a visionary, an iconic designer of the 60s.a dormant brand brought to life in 2011 by a business entrepreneur duo.not just a couturier but an engineer, a clothing architect, who took part in changing attitudes and advancing the society’s emancipation. last september, arnaud vaillant and sébastien meyer, recently appointed as artistic directors, presented their first ready to wear collection, remaining faithful to the spirit of the brand, delivering under the spotlight, the timeless style of andré courrèges.interviews from jacques bungert and frédéric torloting.jacques bungert:andré courrèges was the heartthrob of all of paris and internationally. and whether it was jackie kennedy, farah diba, the begum, françoise hardy, romy schneider or audrey hepburn, they were the customers! they were people who loved to wear courrèges and françoise hardy once asked andré courrèges '’could you dress me for my concerts? " it is a very personal brand, there’s even a very special business context too: which was the withdrawal of the brand from the market. the fact that it was less present on the market was not because it wasn’t working anymore or no one was buying anything, it was a completely conscious decision and one of coqueline courrèges, who had decided to completely purify it, to make it something very compact and very pure to be able to then reopen it.the courrèges dresses are complex dresses. complex to assemble, complex to build, they have been thought about. it's no coincidence that they have been timeless and powerful, they are architectural pieces.frédéric torloting:this style is for us an enormous timeless quality. and we think we're one of the rarer houses, because ultimately there aren’t many today who can boast and say, "we have a style, and it’s very clear." and if you look at the houses that do this type of job it’s really not that common and it is a tremendous asset that we want to keep.music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015