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Fashion in 2016: Through the eyes of the expert: Olivier Saillard

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Olivier saillard, fashion historian, director of the musée galliera: “stop, let’s take a bit more time.” interview only. interview from olivier saillard:i really think we should make an effort, i say 'we' because it’s all of us, it is not just about pointing the finger at luxury groups, manufacturers, designers, i think we should all make an effort about our attitude, including the consumers. that is to say, if we promote design, we must, for sure, not continue like we are doing, even if it is nice to do low price shopping or some designers should maybe think about designing differently following the economic climate. the heritage can be ruined in a short time and also be brought to the surface in a very short time too. we have to be careful but i have always defended designers who work under big names or independent houses. but i still think we have a real job to work on with consummation and i have not so much got the answer to it, but consuming independent clothing is more expensive than clothing from h & m, that’s for sure. maybe it’s better to behave as collectors do with a piece of art, we can buy clothes with that same attention, we invest in someone but the piece must last too. i get the impression that’s there’s been too many departures, too many changes on both sides; designers like houses are sometimes responsible but i think we are all responsible. it can’t go any faster than it is going, a fashion show lasts 7 minutes today, there are so many collections every year, stop, let’s take a bit more time. music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015