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Stella McCartney- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Paris (with interviews)

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The stella mccartney show is always a huge rendezvous for paris fashion week. an uplifting ambience and impatient to discover a new collection that starts for summer 2016 with fitted polo dresses striped in bright colours. a touch of effective sportswear continuing with pleats in rounded cuts, creating a sculptured effect in movement. the designer adds a baggy and streetwear aspect with loose trousers and structured jackets in raw denim or organic cotton. she adds cut details to the back, to bare shoulders, to the double breasted jackets. not to mention the vibrant tones that create a flounced effect on the entirely embroidered dresses, for incredible lightness. please note: the sandals with “ethical” wooden soles and big aviator sunglasses. interwiews from: stella mccartney & janelle monáe & lewis hamilton stella mccartney:we always do wearable clothes for women, but the boldness and brightness of pattern and colour and texture at the beginning is just very much a celebration of summer, and looking very much at the women who inspire us, that’s how the collection came about really. also looking at the relationship between the artist and the muse and really focussing in on how incredibly important women are and making the collection a celebration of them. we have worked with pleats in the past but we have never cut into them and created real sharpness within a pleat. pleats are normally so romantic and in a sense we didn’t want them to be that way. we wanted there to be a movement so we did this contrasting colouration and really cut into them with an edgy element. tailoring is something i trained in, it’s something i really believe in so it will always be part of our runways and it is certainly present in our stores but this season i think we really wanted to remind people that tailoring is incredibly relevant, to see it in a way that is quite masculine as well. janelle monáe:i love stella, her style, her taste is just impeccable and this building just gave me such a whirl so it’s incredible.lewis hamilton :she’s so dynamic, she’s so amazing with her designs, she’s so creative and she’s got such a great energy. she’s having to see so many people now and she’s had so much time for me, i’m very humbled.music of the show