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Yohji Yamamoto- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Paris (with interview)

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Under the chandeliers and gold of the hotel de ville, yohji yamamoto closes the fourth day of the parisian collections with poetry. it is a matter of drapery, a-symmetry and dresses which form around the body. then imposing volume, with dresses and crinolines, which were boned and open underneath to reveal bloomers which ruched under the knees. paint strokes were printed on these large volumes. a show entirely dominated by black, however, had just a few red wigs on models’ heads and an entirely scarlet dress for the finale. once again yohji yamamoto does not play around with trends but on emotion, with a solo guitar to musically accompany the show. interview from wim wenders: he is very inspiring and we decided that we were twin brothers. and the fact that he was born in japan and me in germany, doesn’t interfere with much.we made a film together twenty years ago. and during that year we saw each other nearly all the time and it’s from there that our friendship dates back from.he is serious, a real worker and he works in the narrative. he’s a psychologist, he’s someone who knows art history, who knows lots of photography and painting…and with all of this knowledge, he fabricates something in his clothes which makes us feel good inside!he taught me that dressing up, becomes part of our identity, and that it helps us, and comforts us and sometimes it drives us a little.it’s always a peak into the future and i find it really interesting to see clothes that you might see out on the street in a year’s time.music of the show