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Gucci- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan (with interview)

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Gucci opens the festivities of milan fashion week. a highly anticipated event marking a new era for the house with the first womenswear show designed by alessandro michele, after the surprise departure of frida giannini (who was the head of the florentine label for 12 years). and in keeping with the menswear shows, the new creative director announces a return to a certain romance. dressed with berets or huge student-like glasses, the gucci woman dares wearing a red lace top or a transparent blouse paired with a pleated skirt in coppery tones. she won't hesitate to cover herself up with a military jacket, a trench coat or with a fur overcoat. unless she chooses to play with a bohemian spirit in these floaty dresses in floral designs. the tailored trouser is well established with several propositions of the pyjama version. the belt with the double g is spotted immediately. all of the embroideries, like this bird on a beautiful low cut black dress, is also found on a skirt and then on a colourful jumper. the temporalities don’t exist anymore, we pass by a seventies spirit to a very 80s allure creating a young and fresh gucci silhouette. to note: the mule-loafers in fur...interview: anna dello russo : a little romance, very different from before, very young, relatable to the new generation, very poetic, gentle.diane pernet : it’s really refreshing, it’s really emotional, it’s poetic, i loved it actually. and when i talked to the designer for two seconds after, you can feel it’s the poetry and the sweetness - it’s very authentic and delicate and i liked from what they did with the men’s they kind of transferred into the women, some men, women, some you couldn’t tell who was who, but it was always delicate.varvara shutova : it was fabulous - colours, i liked these kinds of colours, very young fresh makeup it’s very similar to the old collection, i think it’s amazing for young and active people.scott schuman : everybody was ready for a new day at gucci, everybody was ready for milan to have something surprising, something new to look at, and i think it’s to have new collections: gucci, prada, marni, everybody seems to be hitting on the same high level right now, but each one is unique and different, i think it’s a great addition. music from the show