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Creatures and symbols in the latest Haute Jewellery collections

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More than just an accessory, a piece of jewellery must bring its share of history and symbols, and the haute jewellery collections presented outside of the haute couture fashion shows are the perfect examples.the biggest houses chose to come back as emblems, the animals and other creatures that tell their story, to reveal them on another even more exceptional day.this is the case of the bohemian snake, the symbolic collection at boucheron for example. for the new season, the head of the animal is adorned with diamonds and gold beads, with an update in honeycomb, to increase the lightness and to make it even more luminous.this snake that we saw at bulgari, is more colourful, like on this exceptional set of jewels in engraved yellow gold, made from 55 round marquise diamonds. the occasion of a fashion week allows the foreign houses to equally present their couture collection. this is the case for the american brand temple st clair who chose the salons in the decorative arts museum, to showcase its gold menagerie. frogs, tortoises and foxes live alongside one another in sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and other luminous stones, mixing symbols and emotion.at chanel, we’re talking more about what’s timeless than what’s symbolic.the lion invites itself into the mise en scene and onto the jewellery in a modern and audacious way. like this necklace “lion talisman” in 18k white gold mounted with 801 shining diamonds and 378 black diamonds or even these rings representing the onyx animal in white opal or white gold. at damiani, silvia damiani was inspired by the phalanx rings worn during the middle ages by women to illustrate their social status, as well as creating the new double swan rings posed like a bird over three fingers, worn across the hand with delicacy and as well as playing perfectly with emotions.interview: temple st.clair carr: each jewel does carry a story many of them are very personal stories, they are even connected to personal experience, either something observed, or something i love, there’s a great deal of storytelling and mythology behind each piece. and so i think each piece you feel the spirit behind them and then you also feel the artisanship because i work with florentine goldsmiths, it’s very slow jewellery it’s not made in a commercial way, it’s made in a very old world fine jewellery tradition.benjamin comar: the timeless pieces are often icons of chanel which are renewed year after year and it’s true that this time we wanted to do a collection to present our timeless pieces, a very light collection, very simple, very easy to wear a little bit of an introduction to haute jewellery, there are more and more people who are interested in jewellery so we wanted to reinterpret some of our iconic designs, our timeless pieces for a new clientele, where the clientele can be introduced to haute jewellery. music free of right: bandit & nikit