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Stéphanie Coudert - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris with interview

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It was important for stéphanie coudert to show in the institut du monde arabe following the events that have occurred in france over these last few weeks, as well as the designer being from iran and irak, with a special link to the east. like this memory of an orange dress worn by her mother. this colour and other desert tones are found on dresses double sided in wool crepe. fluidity is the focus, through a play with pleating and draping, the volumes taken at the back, the jackets and tops seem to take the shape of the body. a femininity around the basics, that a new generation of designers just like bouchra jarrar, are renewing with talent.interview: stéphanie coudert: when i was little, i spent ten years in iran first of all and then iraq, in tehran, then in bagdad, in two countries at war, one against the other, and my mother in the middle of everything wore an orange, pleated rodier dress, and in fact i think that this orange is the link which unites my femininity to the east, and so i find it very important in my life in general and for which i wanted to say today was fundamental. i wanted to talk about freedom and i thought that it was very natural to do it in the institut du monde d’arabe, for me it was the freedom of expression, of design, and also volume, it was how can we make couture become suspended in volume, we asked ourselves how can it be done, i wanted to put the models in little half-pointe shoes, without any heels, not touching the ground.i want to talk about ready to wear couture, so a piece of clothing that takes one week to be made, that is real luxury, the trousers are very simple, but fall very, very well, you can keep them for a long time, you can travel from paris to tehran with your basics. music free of right: bandit & nikit