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Trussardi Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan (with interviews)

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Trussardi is the last big fashion house to close this milan fashion week. gaia trussardi created a collection inspired by an athletic universe. for summer 2015, she worked around the body that was slender and flexible, together with a strong commitment to timeless elegance. leather was seen throughout the collection and its importance confirmed it as the identity of the brand. the trousers are tight fitting and high waisted, and the suits featured masculine shapes. the knitwear is also very present throughout the collection in all-in-one pieces as well as polo necks, also in lurex presented in stripes. there is a timeless luxury at trussardi, where the accessories included the new versions of the bugatti and cacciatora bags. interview:gaia trussardi: this season i imagine a woman, an athlete for passion, or even for profession why not? and someone who is in love with leather goods and travels, and maybe goes round the vintage shops of leather goods therefore she wears sporty looks, that are timeless, like tank tops, bomber jackets, miniskirts with a tennis inspiration, polo shirts, all made out of the most luxurious leathers, in copper, in bordeaux, in pistachio green, in white all the mix of the most traditional leather goods, (the tradition of trussardi of course) the final result is this extremely luxurious, linear elegance, that is timeless, worn in a very fresh way.there are no prints this season, but textures, there is almost no fabric, except a touch of lurex that i always like to put in my evening wear, but it’s all leather and knitwear. knitwear is very important for trussardi, so all the tops, even some dresses and the polo shirts are all in knitwear in different kind of (points) and textures.music from the show