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Michael Kors - Collection 2015 - Spring/Summer New York

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By naming his collection « optimistic chic », michael kors showed us again what his clothes are about, a display of extreme comfort, that celebrate the joy of life, tunic skirts, peplum jackets, put together with crop tops. the flowers embroidered on the skirts carried a freshness, as well as the graphic lines featured on silk pieces in black and white. interview: michael kors: i wanted to think about an optimistic moment, think about the 50s and you think about after ww2, the world came to life. i was really thinking about a lot of creative american women at the time, women like agnes de mille (the choreographer), louise dahl-wolf (the photographer) these women embraced femininity and romance, but for me, the intriguing thing is how do you make that work in a busy, modern world? so it’s all about something romantic that you can in fact put your hands in the trouser pockets, flat shoes you can run in, being able to take a romantic skirt and being able to wear it with your boyfriend’s shirt. it’s that ying and yang mix that i think is so appealing for a modern woman.i think it’s always about trying to find new ways to do things, you know, the florals in the show for instance, most of them are all embroideries, they have a crispness to them this season, they hold their shape, they have volume, but they’re very tactile. i think that women are always attracted to something you want to touch and get up close to. music from the show.