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Autumn/Winter 2014/15 Trends –All About Prints

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Next winter sees the exit of monochrome outfits as prints come out on top, in order to brighten up your wardrobe. it’s about daring to go even further with photos of films, feline trends or why not some humour with distorted acronyms. and this is the biggest innovation, with luxury houses expressing their opinion on mass consumption by playing with and converting the most well-known codes, for example jeremy scott and his first collection at moschino. after the reformed m of mcdonald we discover a giant supermarket at grand palais, with both manufactured products and labeled clothing by chanel. and why not go even further to maintain a sense of humour, but this time while taking the arty route, like at yohji yamamoto and his both naïve and psychedelic motifs, or at rodarte too chooses to print photos of heros from the star wars film. at castelbajac, it’s all about adding portraits of the people who inspire him. the arty spirit is transformed into a graffiti trend thinking of keith harring’s work, or even geometric shapes. and if you are put off by colours, it’s time to think about black and white. for next winter, graphic figures get mixed up and confused more than ever, becoming flowers on these strong tones, and even playing with optical illusions. and finally, if one print makes an endless return it’s the feline essence, and especially leopard tones which appear across the wardrobe, notably on all of the materials, from leather to fur, even playing with trompe l’oeil effects. interview: jeremy scott:fashion with a capital f for fun!it’s all about the dna of the brand, i thought about the tailored suits and how predominant this was in his career, always making these ‘tailleurs’ and trying to take that and making humour on my own, with taking the macdonald’s element and kind of making ‘fast-fashion’ and kind of playing with that. karl lagerfeld :well, to go into reality, because people who go to art galleries also go to the supermarket, but you have to break the mould a bit, the exclusive aspect and all of the old things, that’s why i wanted to send a well-to-do couple, a very ‘chanel’ lady who came from the rue cambon to buy some food here. jean-charles de castelbajac:these faces, they’re me, they’re the people i meet, those that i have lost, and i also made the portrait of meret oppenheim, she guided me through this story, of making a very masculine element, that is the sportwear, meet femininity.vanessa bruno : well this animal aspect, i really did it with sheets of felt wool but also in colours that are closer to army codes than to animal codes, so we don’t know if the shades come from camouflage or from animals in the end. music free of right/ bandit & nikit - 2012