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Autumn/Winter 2014/15 Trends – Coats Speak Volumes

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Essential and obsessed-over pieces of the wardrobe, vital from the first wintery days, coats have always been the object of all desires. it’s all about a piece of clothing that you want to keep for several seasons, even several years, and therefore numerous choices are offered on the podium. more and more, coats play a role in comfort and we want them to be enveloping and oversized, with loose sleeves, a high collar and of course soft materials based on wool and cashmere. silhouettes are lengthened, and with them coats brush the floor as if to better protect the woman’s body. even if neutral tones are popular, why not brighten up your winter with more vibrant colours, all the way up to orange or pink, and even dare to appear in prints, with hand-embroidered flowers in graphic lines. for a change of style, the cape always gains a little more ground every season, and is transformed into a stylish overcoat that could be worn at any time. another option for a coat, notably for an urban appearance combined with a sportswear twist: the puffer jacket or its lighter version, the parka. and from the puffer jacket we pass on to crop and bomber jackets, with belt details or in pop colours, ready to be slipped on immediately and also becoming one of the must-have basics of next winter. interview: christophe lemaire : a generosity in the volumes, in the size, of comfort, something which frees movement, i like liberated and determined women, who can move in their clothes… christophe bailey :you know, this collection gets delivered in september, actually even before, in august/ september, so there’s lots of wear now, also in europe, but you’ve got to remember that in november/december when it’s freezing cold here, the other half of the world is boiling hot. you might have these very strong outerwear pieces, but then you have very soft feminine pieces underneath.stella mccartney:winter is the perfect time to layer, and to have that kind of freedom of just feeling like you can really create some kind of depth within the look. so yes, there’s a lot of sort of parkas, but very lightweight, all of the outerwear had a lot of air to it because, you know, i think that we didn’t want to go super super heavy, so it was this idea of sort of movement still throughout the entire collection. kate phelan :and now we’ve really embraced the winter weather, you know, we know those girls, they need those protective layers and, you know, those supersoft puffers or those really like cosy cosy shearlings. all of those layers and those tactile fabrics are all part of like keeping the cold out.music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012