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Autumn/Winter 2014/15 Trend – Boyish and Beautiful

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Although the search for an absolute femininity dominates designers’ discussions, a mixture of genres blurs the boundaries between masculine and feminine, proving that androgyny can also be applied to an ultra-sensual image. boyish styles become seductive and redefine the modern urban look, once and for all waking up that tomboy that sleeps in all of us. add a girly twist to classic masculine pieces to keep a nonchalant chic essence. jackets with square shoulders, and baggy blazers, overcoats and trousers steal the show, whilst new volumes make outfits lighter and more fluid, with only one goal: comfort and refinement that risk making some men jealous this winter… and finally, don’t hesitate to pinch a shirt, overcoat or even pyjamas from the men’s wardrobe for a cool and elegant look. interview: giambattista valli:every time it’s a different story, and this time i really wanted to do something that connected all of the urbanism in the whole world, going across capitals through street-workers’ clothes, and for me this element is the swap between boy and girl, it’s a type of unisex in between them both. gaia trussardi:the free spirit, the borrowing from the masculine wardrobe of certain fabrics and making it feminine and eccentric. christophe lemaire:i think that men’s clothes on a girl can actually be very sensual. and around me i see a lot of girls who like men’s clothes because there is something qualitative in the cut, in the material, a non-idiotic thing, that often makes girls more intelligent i find, and intelligent girls are very sexy. paul smith:i’ve always likes that very androgynous, that very boyish look, but sometimes that’s quite restricting so i wanted to have things like pyjamas or fluid dresses that give the femininity, but then you wear the boyish clothes over the top, so the long overcoat or the tailoring. and i think people are looking for a new silhouette after the very slim silhouettes. of course, the slim silhouette is still important but a lot of girls really like the fact that they can, was it katherine hepburn who said, you can’t be a modern woman if you dress like a girl- you have to dress like a boy! music free of copyright / bandit & nikit - 2012music free of copyright/ bandit & nikit - 2012