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A new edition of Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week

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Berlin fashion week took place from the 8th to the 13th of july in numerous settings, with different trade fairs such as the famed bread & butter, and tallied more than around fifty presentations and shows. in a city that never stops moving and where creativity reigns, young designers supported by government aids spar their ideas in order to showcase their latest collections. names to remember: first of all michael sontag, the rising star. he likes challenging and experimenting, and undertakes a fluid fashion where everything is a subject of construction around material. esther perbandt, born in berlin, transforms her show into an incredible spectacle with a concert and staging, and a mixed collection based around black and transparency. the same goes for aleks kurkowski. this designer, of polonaise origin and brought up in germany, is passionate about architecture and geometry, all the while favouring natural and organic materials along with local production. a beautiful surprise unfolds in the berlin art’s academy’ students’ show. we are able to see all of the styles by the already talented young designers who have dared to use innovative materials and coloured motifs. lastly, a special mention to the renowned portuguese designer dino alvez, who celebrated 10 years in fashion in berlin. and to finish off, this fashion week takes on an international appearance thanks to mercedes benz, sponsor since 2007, who strikes hard this season by inviting tilda swinton and haider ackermann to come and discover berlin talent. interview: tilda swinton:berlin is full of friends and memories, and it feels like a kind of space capsule. all roads lead to berlin for me. haider ackermann:i was dreaming of it from a young age but i would never have dreamt of having a play companion like tilda swinton, of meeting serge lutens, of being to nick cave, all those kinds of things and all of those people along the road and the faithfulness of my friends. all of that is the highlight of my career because they stay true to me. and at the moment that i don’t believe in myself they will believe in me, so that’s my highlight. music from the show