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Issey Miyake - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

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Nature reigns supreme in this issey miyake collection dreamed up by designer yoshiyuki miyamae. woods and trees inspire these wonderfully shaped dresses, jackets and shirts, using previously unseen 3d weaving techniques. pleats embody the growth rings of a tree and energise clothes whilst walking.. across his 42 outfits, the designer respects the signatures of the label, remaining rooted in the future and imprinted with poetry. metallic, glow-in-the-dark high heels strengthen this wizardry. deep, autumnal hues give real personality to this cocooning silhouette, reinforced by new motifs formed by intertwining different shades. as a true engineer, this designer invents, developing original, innovative methods like ‘steam stretching’ which uses the heat from steam to give and create organic shapes, a wonderful tribute to the strength of trees, their trunks, branches and nature, eternally treasured by the japanese. the collection becomes even more magical with a live performance by ei wada on the guitar, accompanied by the angelic vocals of chiyako from the band yanéda. a beautiful, highly successful fashion moment.interview:yoshiyuki miyamae:i was inspired by forests and beautiful art created by trees, roots and nature so actually this was for the beginning of the show so i had a short performance, it is a very conceptual part so i have a new innovation with ringed pleats, there are very dynamically shaped dresses and jackets and shirts so all writing can be transformed into compact circular shapes on a flat surface so it is a very new idea in this collection.this is a new fabric, so we use very high-tech computers and techniques to weave these clothes so if you iron them, they shrink very quickly before becoming dresses.music from the fashion show