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Rodarte Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York

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Journeys into the rodarte galaxy are always captivating…we will forever wonder what goes through the minds of the mulleavy sisters, the label’s designers and founders, who lead us into an original dreamlike universe each season. who is this mysterious woman, her face hidden behind glasses, and dressed in loose, powder-pink chiffon trousers, teamed with a grey top flared at the hips and accessorized with a laminate scarf? models come one after another, dressed in organza and chiffon dresses, high-waisted trousers with laces instead of zips, matched with a crochet floral top, worn over a thin turtleneck sweater. parkas can be sleeveless or with openings only at shoulder-level. for the bold, there are even versions in bright colours. shades are mostly faded, oscillating between mustard yellow, wine red, laminate and powdery tones. and even if she is impossible to define, this rodarte woman boasts a 70s disco look, bringing just a hint of crazy…she even dons dresses printed with heroes from star wars, cult film of the era…music from the fashion show