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Edun Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York (with itw)

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Founders of the edun label, ali hewson and bono land themselves the most beautiful selection of stars seated on their front row (chelsea clinton, liu wen, collin pharell, helena christensen and trudie sting). these two celebrities create an event simply through their presence and that of their friends in the audience. however, the latest step (the label was founded in 2005 with the aim of helping african development) and being bought-out by lvmh demonstrates the interest in a brand such as this. this extra pressure does not make it easy for danielle sherman, named artistic director in 2013, to express her vision and utter creativity in this context, but in any case she expertly manages to devise a wardrobe for which comfort is the key word. everything is created in order to make women feel confident in a long, belted coat, a knitted jumper that becomes a dress and a sweatshirt that unzips at the side. tones remain basic: grey, white, caramel all sufficiently maintain a certain purity. the aim is simple but the modern, heartwarming style is exactly what the women of 2014 need.interview:danielle sherman:the collection was really texture driven, so how we can incorporate graphic, sportswear elements but through texture, so we have concepts like texture-blocking where it is all within tones of the same colour so you have the ivory, the camel and the taupes and then we have texture weaving which was inspired by maligasi weaving which is native to madagascar so a lot of the scarves that you saw were all hand-woven as well as some other pieces that are in the collection. there were a lot of elements but all really going back to something and creating texture so that is why the silhouettes are still pretty classic but then there are elements of texture and the way we rework them to make them feel new.even though it has some volume, it is really light so when you feel the garments afterwards, they are light as a feather so it is kind of a play on perception too so while something may have some volume, it is actually super light.trudie styler:this line is really growing in a very exciting way i think, it really says to women that we are truly in the world, that we want to wear things that are really comfortable, really slouchy and really androgynous but with feminine curves so i really loved the fabrics, they seem to undulate and fall in a really nice way.music from the fashion show