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At 91-years-old, Pierre Cardin launches the ‘Maxim’s la nuit’ collection

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At 91-years-old, pierre cardin continues to create and develop his empire, notably his maxim’s label, which refers to the parisian cult restaurant and club which he owns, and by designing under this name a couture collection dedicated to the night. it is in the salons of this mythical place that this show unfolds, comprising of 140 models, merging womens’ and menswear. interviews:pierre cardin:where is the one place where you can still dress-up for the evening? nowhere, except for the embassy or at maxim’s. i wanted to present it like an art gallery, as if we were in a gallery and for me that is fashion. as would do a painter, a sculptor or an author. i don’t need to present like the any of the others. i have the freedom to do it, when i like and at home too which is very practical.before presenting, i love to create. i have 70 years of designs behind me, that’s not bad. i was the youngest couturier aged 25 and i am the oldest today; i have seen a lot and i will go on for as long as i can.next year, i will be doing sport, golf, skiing in the snow. i want to create themes like an artist in a gallery.music free of right/bandit & nikit - 2012