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Band of Outsiders Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

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Show casing in new york, band of outsiders has its roots in los angeles, where the director of the label, scott sternsberg lives and works. from this, with the famous “hollywood” signs planted in the ground, to a casual, almost nonchalant style, the west coast rings out like a reminder…the designer adds to this of course a hint of sportswear, with net dresses or nylon raincoats, sports dresses, running shorts that he transforms, whether you like it or not, to create a energetic and slender figure, supported by the long dresses and parkas where attitude and willingness to be a part of this group outweighs everything else. scott sternberg: i live and breathe this place, i live in la in california, and love it and it’s the type of place like new york, you’re forced and lucky enough to experience the whole of it all the time: hiking and beautiful views and all of that and even just thinking about looking for inspiration for a collection. just thinking about the heritage of this city, films made in this city and things that evoke that, right now at least for me are very motivating and fresh and personal. you know, we’ve done other stuff which was nothing to do with la but right now it felt like a big la moment for me at least. i love fashion but i think a lot of what informs the clothes we make comes from me growing up and things i loved then and an intellectual approach to a lot of that. so it might be a little simpler on first look or the images might be a little warmer on first look but there’s also a ton of fashion references in there as well, so hopefully with the combination of those approaches there is something new, but i’m glad you like it, that’s nice. i was really trying to do something romantic and beautiful and sort of ethereal but make it totally sporty and fresh and body-conscious and sexy and high slits and all that stuff. music from the fashion show