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Haute Joaillerie Collection in Paris (with ITW)

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Haute couture has left a place for the presentation of haute joaillerie. the great houses celebrate their savoir-faire and craftsmanship, creating unique and exceptional pieces, presented in paris, the one-off backdrop… all of the big houses in the place vendôme were inclined towards the most symbolic piece of jewellery: the ring, which continues today to represent 70% of sales. the journey surrounding this exceptional piece starts with the discovery of the dior collection created by victoire de castellane, a collection full of colour and gradients, in shades such as firework. at boucheron it’s its precious bestiary with exceptional ladybirds which celebrate the 120th anniversary of 26 place vendome. at van cleef and arpels, each piece creates an identity for the house… at chanel, the lion is the signature and imposes itself as the new symbol of the house and at chauet; the creation of a ring has to respect certain rules…. interview nicolas bos : each piece has to illustrate a chapter, a story, but above all, it has to be a representation of the house. we thought that van cleef et arpels pieces are signature pieces, that are recognisable several metres away, that are known without the need to read the name or look at the logo. benjamin comar :we came with a new theme, that we had or had hardly worked with before, and so it’s true that that has created a new demand from new and distinguished clients who have been attracted by this new theme, which is dear to gabrielle chanel and is dear to the brand. the clients are increasingly passionate, passionate of the history of venice, of the history of gabrielle and venice, of the history of gabrielle chanel and the lion and of the interpretation that we have made today with the lion, the talisman, the protector, the lucky-charm. pascal bourdariat : to create a ring at chaumet isn’t just buying a stone and some metal; it’s more than that because there is this whole period of reflection before taking a file to it. this period of reflection is linked to the history of the house, and to this, that we have our own personality, we don’t copy. a ring it has to be known is rather special, it’s not the same object as a necklace, bracelet or earrings; it’s really a separate object, due to its symbolism which is strong. we don’t offer rings like that in general and also because it’s a small object there is no place for moderation, so it’s a little miniature and it’s quite complicated to make. what we looked more so to do was a unique piece in terms of a unique stone, it should be known that we didn’t know the client, but we wanted to spoil her. copyright-free music :bandi & nikit-2012