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Visit to the showroom of the big houses like Chanel and Elie Saab present in Cannes

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The thing that makes the cannes film festival the most famous in the world: is without doubt the red carpet and the walk up the famous steps by the most prestigious stars. it's the moment to be photographed by the media around the world so the impact is huge for both celebrities as it is for the labels that dress them. the fashion houses must be present and rent suites in the big palaces located on the croisette to best accommodate those who wear their outfits. this season, chanel, or even christian dior and elie saab seem to be the kings of the red carpet, and place every effort to honor their finest dresses. but it’s also important to mention the younger designers; more present this season and who attempt to get a place on the red carpet by hoping to dress several actresses. music free of right / nikit & bandit 2012 interview bruno pavlovsky : every year we try to do something, as always we are present this year for the festival by the intermediary of this suite, which is a really important place where we can invite different actresses and celebrities to come, to help them find the perfect outfit for the cannes festival. there must be this connection; there must be this bond between the brand, mr lagerfeld and the actresses so that a beautiful story can be born. emilie legendre : the actresses are like other women in quotation marks, whatever their age or their morphology, a client can be identified a lot more and mr saab often says that for him, the red carpet is the best podium because they really honor their creations. it’s global, as of the next morning you’ll see remakes in china, in america, in france, there are so many famous actresses who walk the red carpet. virginie corré : we actually move into the suites of the actresses and we propose collections, obviously the work is relatively difficult, the big labels are present, but fortunately the attraction of young labels really interests the actresses, there is still room for all the young designers who are there and who take risks.