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Singapore/ Chanel Resort 2013/14 fashion show (with itws)

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After the gardens of versailles, the house of chanel set sail for singapore to present the resort 2013/14 collection. a show that resumes the codes of the house mixed with a colonial spirit, sprinkled with a very coco chanel revival. knitwear is honored through fluid ensembles of cashmere, long gillets and wide trousers, the little tweed belted jacket with short sleeves is worn with sailor trousers or a long skirt with asymmetric cuts. sportswear also prevails for knitted jogging pants or v-neck sweaters inspired by cricket. eveningwear in black and white is graphic with embroideries of feathers and little nods to the opening of the exhibition on chanel perfume with a bag in the shape of a n°5 bottle. the look is elegant, accessorized with pearls and a little provocative with metal chains around the neck, a punk cut and eyes lined with sky blue. with talent karl lagerfeld masters his subject, without ever falling into the folklore and always pushing his creativity further. music from the fashion show interview karl lagerfeld : she started with a little shop for hats and knitwear in deauville years ago and now it’s a worldwide brand, today the cruise collection is not only about travelling anymore but we still travel forward because we show all kinds of different parts of the world, we did europe, we did america, so it was time for the eastern part of the world of what the western part considered the eastern part. normally long skirts don’t look good with heels but long skirts made like this look good with heels and make a beautiful silhouette. it’s a square shape and it’s the most famous perfume bottle in the world so i thought it was fun to use it as a shape for an evening bag, i’ve been doing chanel for so many years but i never thought to use a n.5 bottle for a handbag, i think it’s cute! i’ve used a mix of military chains and gunmetal with fake diamonds because chanel was famous for mixing the real and the fake, so they look like place vendome jewelry but mixed with heavy military chains. i tried to capture moods from what she did in her early days, moods from what’s going on here and what inspired the fashion from here, but there’s nothing folkloric and nothing retro or vintage about it. dakota fanning : i think that karl does an amazing job of keeping the chanel legacy alive but at the same time it’s still so cool and so young and fresh and new every time and there’s something for everybody in every collection which i think is really good. stella tennant : i thought it was a very beautiful collection, i love how pare down it was and how elegant it was, well it’s always elegant.