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Chanel - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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Chanel imposes its supremacy! an xxl world map planted with a flag of the chanel initials is placed in the center of the grand palais. it's true that today the house addresses an international clientele and speaks a universal language. the new silhouette is constructed on new proportions : short skirts open at the front with leather leggings lengthen the silhouette, volumes are centered on the upper body with a high collar. karl applies himself with skill to renew throughout the seasons the iconic tweed suit, the materials demonstrate the mastery of the ateliers and their technical prowess. embroidery applied on knitted dresses give way to new patterns. the biker boots with metallic chains and headwear brings a new energy and an unexpected twist. the black dresses from the final are far from the red carpet and cater for all the stars on the front row but more importantly the clientele of the brand... music from fashion show interview karl lagerfeld : even the chanel references are very diverted, blurred and transposed and what's more interesting are the materials, because the majority of fabrics are not fabrics, but embroidery. nowadays there are so many copies of everything, that we are forced to do things that others cannot do. we needed a certain volume for the shoes because the top half is rather volumized, there's the collar which rises and flared skirts, so a balance was really needed. vanessa paradis : sexy and combatant because the boots didn't have very high heels, so it was as if the girls were walking with a sure step and then with the leather which shapes the thighs, i found it very sexy and strong, with character. karl lagerfeld : this is the globalization of french fashion, and yes it's interesting to see all the lights in this part of the world because if we didn't have this, french luxury would be in a bad state, this is true for me and a few other brands. inès de la fressange : fashion is universal, women love beautiful things and the same beautiful things in the world, regardless of culture, and it's gratifying that there are things in common like that, beautiful things please everyone.