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Exclusive Interview with Blake Lively

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Star of gossip girl and face of big fashion houses such as chanel and gucci, american actress blake lively has agreed to answer our questions. in the season of award ceremonies and fashion weeks, blake discusses her choices of fashion, looks and trends. exclusive interview. interview blake lively : i decide probably, 5 days a week before. i think a lot of people who have stylists, and beautiful dresses waiting for them and just before they go on the red carpet, they choose their two favorites, but for me, because i do my own styling, i decide probably a week before so that i can gather the jewelry and the shoes and figure out what i want for the hair and makeup. i don't know. there are a few people that i always really watch. i think diane kruger always looks perfect and there's such a range in her style which i love. i mean, look at her outfits that she wore to cannes last year. every day was vastly different from the other and just perfect. so i think diane kruger would probably have my vote. i love eddie redmayne. he's a friend and i just think that he dresses so well. the burberry connection doesn't hurt. i think it's really interesting, i was looking at the fashion shows from couture week in paris and i noticed that a lot of the outfits looked like they were influenced by that tom ford number that gwyneth paltrow wore last year to the oscars with those shoulders, and it's almost like a cape-like overlay. so there were a lot of things like that which i found interesting because there was a through line in a lot of the different runways shows, and you know that these designers aren't talking with each other because they don't want to make the same thing, but it was interesting to see the trend. there were a lot of crew necks, which i liked, there were some very fitted bodices, with a crewneck and a double neckline - a boat neck in one pattern and a crewneck in a different one. i thought that was really interesting.