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Best Of Haute Couture fashion shows : Mises en scène and strong moments of Haute Couture (with itw)

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The haute couture presentations have just ended in paris. twenty shows over four days, clients and journalists from all around the world, haute couture fascinates, interests and proves once again that it fits perfectly into the 21st century. lavish mise en scènes, effusions of embroidery for some and graphic, clean lines for others, the couture renews itself every season with a passion and inspires even a new generation of designers. today, haute couture knows how to offload the superfluous to attract new customers. stéphane rolland brings an artistic dimension to his work as couturier ... donatella versace is also a follower of a modern couture, and is inspired by architecture for clean silhouettes, made by 24 carat gold and fluorescent colors. at armani, the catwalk is at the image of its fashion : graphic and exotic. the exoticism is also expressed at chanel through the decor installed under the great glass roof of the grand palais: fine sand and a pine forest. and this bucolic trend is expressed with embroidered flowers. gardens are sources of inspiration, but also their architecture and notably the spiral iron gates which are found on the valentino silhouettes. embroidery of flowers, colored or tone-on-tone, a floral inspiration is also present at dior, shown through the decor and fashion as well. a vision and a modern interpretation of monsieur dior's garden at granville ? at giambattista valli, nature is also represented in a romantic and more literal vision, which also has its effect .... all tastes come from the natural world... music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview julien fournié : the good news is that there is a new generation with an haute couture checked today by my designer friends and myself. this is great news and we are going to reinvent a new spelling of haute couture. christophe josse : the restrictive side of certain dresses and silhouettes do not seem to tune in with the time, i want simplicity. stephane rolland : i wanted a very statuary collection, it's almost an art exhibition, of statues, everything is very graphic, very linear, very clean. karl lagerfeld : the mixture of an ancient wooden theater in the middle of a romantic forest, i thought it was something i hadn't seen before. pierpaolo piccioli : it's not a precise garden, it's the idea of the garden of the project beyond every garden because we wanted to just feel this idea of a romantic beauty in the garden. raf simons : i thought it was a beautiful story in a way to think about the idea of the garden, because once you think about a garden you think about a human being, a person that is a juxtaposition to nature.