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Best Of Haute Couture fashion shows : The Brides

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The magic of the haute couture shows reach their peak just before the final, when the wedding dresses appear, and this season, this was the opportunity to send a message. at chanel, karl lagerfeld chose to have two brides. at stéphane rolland, the bride is none other than carmen dell'orefice, model at the age of 80. at elie saab, the bride is completely veiled, demonstrating the incredible work of the ateliers. finally at jean-paul gaultier, the magic happens when the bride's skirt lifts up to four little girls. the brides in the shows represent an enchanting moment, eagerly awaited every season. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview karl lagerfeld : weren't they cute? i think that everyone should have legal protection, and that the church has nothing to do with it, and those who want a religious marriage should knock on the church's door, or even at the temple of the synagogue or at the mosque. stéphane rolland : carmen is a big moment in my life, and she really represents this collection, she's has a very graphic beauty side, there is a past, but at the same time she represents a modernity and somehow in different aspects the timelessness.