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The Haute Joaillerie shows in Paris! (with itw)

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During the haute couture fashion week, the department stores located in the place vendôme in paris have also chosen to present their haute jewelry pieces, this means unique jewelry, made in their ateliers where limitless creativity is mixed with an exceptional savoir-faire. chanel's new haute jewelry collection consists of 99 pieces bringing to life the eternal symbol of coco chanel the camellia through sautoir necklaces in flamboyant colours, but also many graphic rings and brooches, in black and white. nature, represented by the colour of precious stones is very present this season, at dior, jewelry resembles flowers in the blossoming process. at bulgari, more than nature, it's the mediterranean and it's countryside, the silk route of the middle east to india, that the house wanted to celebrate with sapphires of all colours and emeralds, some stones are even set in diamonds. another strong theme this year is the serpent, the animal protector symbol is highlighted in 2013 by the year of the snake in china. the snake appears at boucheron, present since 1888, when frédéric boucheron gave his wife a necklace in the shape of a snake. since then, the animal has never left the boucheron collections and is found in a new haute jewelry collection called `serpent bohème' consisting solely of white gold and yellow gold, paved in diamonds. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview benjamin comar : these are pieces of a certain value in haute jewelry or unique pieces made in small reproductions. by highlighting the parisian savoir-faire which are old techniques that are very special. promoting paris and the french savoir-faire and the creativity of luxury in france, i think it's a really interesting project. sylvia damiani : there's a fantastic piece called eden, it's an extraordinary bracelet which opens in this way, there's a big spiral. there is also the special elasticity and it also fits very well with different arm sizes. this is a really special piece, there are 900 diamonds and it took 800 hours of work to make. these jewels here, are also a way of demonstrating the savoir-faire of the house.