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Julien Fournié - Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2013 fashion show (with itw)

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Julien fournie was very touched at the end of the show by the presence of claude montana, his mentor and source of inspiration. well structured silhouettes and padded shoulders are a direct reference. but the designer adds his futuristic couture spirit, in the image of his young clientele ranging mostly between 16 to 22 years old, including fitted zipped dresses, cut in art deco motifs or graphic stripes, without forgetting embroidered constellations created by the lesage ateliers for very sensual long ball gowns ... music from the fashion show interview julien fournié : the good news is that there is a new generation with an haute couture checked today by my designer friends and myself. this is great news and we are going to reinvent a new spelling of haute couture, and also via my clients who are 16 to 22 years old and who manage their wardrobe like business girls, that's the future. they are things that are easy to take off, and easy to move in, i think girls are very careful with their clothes, they are very sharp, they are very thin and are careful about what they eat, especially this youth who are very focused on the naturalness of things. claude montana : a lot of research on materials, a few colours but the basics that we love, and a lot of cuts, embroidery, lacquered fabrics that i love. a wonderful technical work, that is overall very modern. julien fournié : claude always loved these sleeves that are quite futuristic with these small collars, these collars that we pull up, this very fitted look, for these tall women, it was visionary.