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The most creative perfume commercials

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The commercials for perfumes burst with creativity. the imagination is limitless, just like the budget for the production and the different methods used. firstly, take an actress and a director in vogue. lolita lempicka uses the talent of yoann lemoine featuring the young elle fanning walking in the woods. for its new fragrance manifesto, yves saint laurent chose jessica chastain, the sought after redhead actress. and let us also remember sofia coppola who for miss dior chérie directed a romantic stroll in the parc monceau in paris, played by natalie portman. of course the scenario is very important and the sex appeal and the sensuality are met with a trend in 2012 to look into the past. for the masculine perfume eau sauvage an extract from the film la piscine is used with a captivating alain delon. chanel goes further by making a film by obtaining the recording of an interview dated back to 1962 in which marilyn monroe who to the question "what do you wear to bed?" responds "chanel n°5" so, it's true that sensuality can sometimes give way to masculinity like the new commercial for versace's new perfume eros in which the god of love is played by a model... not bad anyway. to conclude what about the sensuality exacerbated by lady gaga? for her first fragrance fame, the star plays in a movie of more than 5 minutes directed by steven klein. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012