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The history of the jean- a return on the big dates

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Intended for gold seekers, the first denim pants created by lévi strauss was born in the united states around 1850. as of this date, jeans continue to gain attention and touch all social classes, becoming the most famous garment in history. back on the big dates of this phenomenon. fashion designers take over the jeans, curious to work them in their own way. alexander mcqueen, karl lagerfeld at chanel and jean-paul gaultier among others, go as far as proposing an ultra worked jean, embroidered or engraved in their haute couture models. in the 2000s, the jeans are the essential basic. the famous jeaners at diesel, d squared², g-star and guess continue to innovate, celebrities dare to wear them for every occasion, while magazines seize the phenomenon and take the opportunity to highlight the fashion brands who surf on this success and each propose their own vision of jeans. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview valerie steele : this is our earliest piece from the 1870s, and it's a typical blue workman's garment, not fashion, but purely vernacular work clothing, used by farmers, miners and cowboys. this is a levi's jacket from the 50s, and at this time it was still worn by working men and even cowboys but it was also being worn as a statement, a fashion statement, a political statement and with teenagers who saw it as being part of the clothing of rebellion and youth. in the 60s and 70s you often had hippy blue jeans, very heavily decorated, embroidered, appliquéd, lovingly worn to death. ideally you were supposed to be doing all of this work yourself. instead of having the typical brand names, levi's, lee, wrangler would have the names like calvin klein. and in fact the late 70s and 80s was the great era of designer jeans. calvin klein : we grow up in denim, it's part of our culture. my feeling about jeans has not been focused on the cowboy, it's always been focused on the sensuality, the sexuality of how women and men look in jeans.