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The Little Black Jacket Exhibition at the Grand Palais

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After new york, sydney, tokyo and london, the little black jacket exhibition arrived in paris as part of the mois de la photo. 108 celebrities from around the world have agreed to be photographed by karl lagerfeld, wearing the famous jacket created by coco chanel in 1954. the event naturally takes place at the grand palais, a favourite of chanel and karl. portraits in black and white, drawn in colour and even large formats made by fired engraved glass show the creativity of a house who loves to emphasise art et communication. exhibition from 10th to 15th of november - grand palais, paris music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview karl lagerfeld : i love the grand palais, and this is a corner that i haven't yet worked. we have already done haute couture on the side, in the wing where it turns, but we have never done it here. it's different to the expositions in australia, japan, new york and london. it's very different, it's also the premises, which in a certain way gives the aspect of how we can do the exposition. when i took over this brand, everyone told me, do not touch it, it's old, it's dated. that's the fun thing, to create something mythical, to make an icon of something that at one point was considered dated. and it became a basic piece, like the man's jacket with 2 buttons, jeans or the t shirt, and that's what i find fun, it's a phenomenon, it's having done something unexpected, a phenomenon which at one time had a very bourgeois look. bruno pavlosky- president of chanel global fashion : i find this communication exceptional and very complementary to what we can see in the fashion shows, because it allows you to see how everyone plays with the jacket, how they fit it and even if there are fun and original things. at chanel, with the key chanel jacket, we are able to do many things. it's this paradox that exists between this permanent creativity in the collections and this jacket, which is iconic, because it's there all the time.