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"The Little Black Jacket. A Chanel classic revisited" - The book

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In addition to the little black jacket exhibition, all portraits of the 108 celebrities photographed by karl lagerfeld are put together in an art book published by steidl. the only publishing house karl can guarantee a great print quality and in the colour codes; black and white, at the house of chanel. "the little black jacket. a chanel classic revisited" by karl lagerfeld & carine roitfeld. ed. gerhard steidl. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview karl lagerfeld : the little black jacket was also the production of an extraordinary book. you can even see it. today steidl publishes books and photos, which are technically the best in the world. all the photographers and galleries fight to get their book published by gerhard steidl. it's amazing, i'm not going to give you a lecture on the technical nature of this book, but the way it's done is really remarkable. i didn't think it could have been feasible in france. anyway, i do not know of any publisher in france that is capable of doing this. it's printed on white paper, and to have a black background, there are gray based photos so they had to be printed in reverse. 100,000 have already been printed. and even to print 15000 is quite a lot, it takes 4 tons of black to do it, it's soaked in it. it's crazy, the process and the paper are very technical, it's incredible. he has really achieved something magical for people who love beautiful books.