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Chanel celebrates the arrival of the the Little Black Jacket exhibition

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Chanel has chosen to fittingly celebrate the arrival of the exhibition of the little black jacket in paris by organising an inaugural evening at the grand palais followed by a party restaurant transformed for the occasion to a chanel club. many personalities present around this symbolic garment which continues to be spoken about, 50 years after its creation. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview carine roitfeld : it's timeless. it suits women as well as men, as it firstly started out as a mans jacket. we could almost say that it's like the denim jacket, except that it's a chanel one, with the traditional chanel additions, the chanel elegance, but at the same time it's just as easy to wear a denim jacket. i think that's why it's successful, we never feel disguised, it never feels like too much. and when you're just wearing denim, it gives a little elegant twist. anna mouglalis : gabrielle chanel copied it onto the austrien grooms jacket. so for me it embodies it, a masculine- feminine side but the thing that has become the classic, is the absolute femininity. i used to be a model, it was a catastrophe, a disaster, i hated it, i felt like i had to pretend all the time, that i was trying to be cute and when i met karl, he never wanted me to be cute, he always took amazing angles of my face, which resembled only me and not someone else who wanted to be pleased in the moment. laetitia casta : what happened was amazing, there were already some photos of several people. and each time there was something very different, a character who had been invented and who was there. i think it was towards something instinctive, quite immediate. carine roitfeld : this was the last one, it had to surprise karl, he loves surprises. so it was at 2 in the morning, i arrived at coco. i hope it will not be taken in an `irreverent' way, it was just at a glance.