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Trends from Sao Paulo Fashion Week

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Firstly two women cohabitating in brazil : the active city girl and the party girl very well reflected in the majority of shows. galloping urbanism and the economic development push more and more women to become comfortable in their clothes and to adopt a desired urban style. in the shows essentials like the jackets and coats, lightweight blouses and trouser suits are found but reworked in an innovative and original way. even if colours are neutral, the creative twist is increasingly sought after. the brazilian woman loves going out and dressing up for the occasion, while many designers do not lack ideas, but rather provide required cocktails outfits and other precious evening gowns adding plenty of rhinestones, sequins and embroidery. everything is possible even if the elegant black remains the favourite. another trend identified and present in all fashion weeks of the world, is the colour : burgundy. not too bright, but more affordable than red, this autumn tone attracts stylists who work with all materials. it must be said that it can easily be coordinated with everything and you can even dare to match the make up with it. finally let's not forget menswear. many labels present a mixed collection, with a sought after ready-to-wear. including joao pimento who specializes in menswear and each season innovates with his elegant and timeless garments. even if finally, the city look; simple but stylish ultimately prevails. music from fashion show