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DSquared²- Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Milan (ITW)

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For the last day of fashion shows in milan, the duo at dsquared² set the mood in the morning with a very elaborated show, loud music and designers dean and dan caten, champagne in hand, welcoming us into great shape.this time, exuberance and glamour of the 90s is emphasised. girls in skin tight leather dresses, with zips and multiple chains as accessories. denim is present with miniskirts and shorts worn with open shirts and belted jackets. we find sexy lace on dresses with frills and yarns of gold embroidery sprinkled on white ensembles. for the duo the main thing is to stay rock while still being chic with the saying « less is more but more is not enough. » music from fashion show dean & dan caten : it's a return to the 90s, it's a celebration of the 90s of the attitude of that era, it seems like yesterday but it's 20 years ago, so what goes around comes around, and now it's time to bring back that attitude, that sexiness, that confidence, that makeup, the hair, the glamour. i mean the whole package was delivered, and it's exciting for us, it's a change, it's different, even this week has been pretty minimal, i think we zigged when everyone else zagged, it's fun, we do our own thing. the dresses are super constructed, there was a beautiful evening gown, the clothes- underneath all the jewelry are beautiful, well made, gorgeous and very tailored. we like to put some excess, but to do it with quality, putting on maybe some chanel things, we always have a lot of images. less is more but more is not enough.