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Michael Kors Spring Summer Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

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Michael kors promotes colour and optimism for summer 2013 with silhouettes inspired by the minimalist architecture of the west coast. resulting in the use of stripes, lines and curves. the designer does not forget to include a sportswear feel which he likes to mix with the couture side. for the evening `less is more' with a series of long black dresses simply flowing unadorned, with just a noticeable graphic cut. it is elegant and effective. music from fashion show michael kors : the collection is very much inspired by a lot of the wonderful mid-century architecture, that you see in california, in los angeles, and palm springs. i love all the fabulous neutra houses, saarinen buildings, john lautner, so you are going to see a lot of things that are very graphic, geometric, bold stripes, big cheques, taking the idea of circles and using them as motifs for pockets, or for grommets and metal trim-on things, and very neat. these are clothes that are very polished and very optimistic, so full of colour, and very tailored, very crisp. it's a blend, there's a blend going on here. i think it's kind of what i call `new york polish', and west coast optimism. but it's still sporty and very clean lined. but then again the clothes arrive in february, and it's cold! so i always think it's the strangest ting for me, thinking about what do people wear in a gray city like new york, or paris, or london or tokyo in february from this spring collections, you want to put something on right away. so i love the idea of a beautifully tailored coat, or a fabulous suit in a colour, that you can wear right away, and change your mood and change your spirit.