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Marc Jacobs Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

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Every season, marc jacobs creates suspense, excitement and attracts the interest of many journalists in the room. once again he does not disappoint his audience with a real show showcasing the stripe in all its glory. the clothing is suitable and both graphic and psychedelic. total look striped or parsimoniously, everything goes : shirts, coats, suits, pleated skirts, shirts with a collar. the designer also plays with volumes and proportions, alternating long and short. the bright colours enhance the strong presence of stripes and exudes a certain cheerful and summery ambiance. music from the fashion show suzy menkes : it was upbeat, it was fun, it was the absolute opposite of last season, and there were these ideas to have short dresses but at the same time long, and it was geometric, it was very well done. olivier zham : i liked it a lot, it was very quick, and very well done, it's the spirit of the holidays, neo-geometrics, it's the art of the stripes, it's always a pleasure to see well-cut stripes, well proportionate with regard to clothing because the stripes give the impression of `nothing,' but it's a game of shape and volume which is complex because it can be really horrible. this is a work much more subtle than it seems, almost mathematical. the production is impeccable, and the set is similar to the shows of karl lagerfeld at chanel in paris, so there is the spectacular side to the show which visually makes it a real show, with the result that it exceeds the fashion in a certain way, via architecture, via theatre, and by the dynamic forms in general so that's why it's a pleasure to watch.