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The new collection of Roger Vivier for summer 2013

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This season, the lightness is invited along with a stiletto made of cordovan leather, or inspired by a sunset. both bags and delicate clutch bags are adorned with sequins in a patchwork of colours , reference to the cubism movement.bruno frisoni has the talent to make all these desirable objects exceptional. interview with bruno frisoni. bruno frisoni: i think rendez-vous means the idea of sophisticated products from their development, with a perfect work behind, a bag or a shoe should be as light as possible to the eye, but also when worn, and does not draw attention away from the figure, this means that we are under the impression of not wearing anything, it is nearly as thin as the naked body. it was more the idea of a woman highly sensual, very beautiful in nature, and a kind of marilyn, who would sing for gi. after this, one of the things i used was a photo of a sunset, all this nudity, some very soft and tender materials. it could be called love or tender. we do have an italian knowledge, with a french soul at the origin, of course some parts are made with parisian workshops, but we always work with our italian team, who at the moment will be using the hand more than the industry. the idea of rendez-vous is to have small objects like this, that are still affordable, even if it is a limited edition collection, and therefore this is the link between what can be found in the shop and what one might find in a couture house. music - bandit & nikit - copyright free