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Patterns to die for!

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Prints take on new dimensions for autumn / winter. everything is possible: paisley, graphic, arty, flowery or folk ... the very presence of these patterns allows us to escape and invites us to travel . patterns take on a new meaning, they almost tell a story, becoming the central element of the garment. it is accentuated by the mixture of materials, it appears on leather, brocades, and silk in unexpected ways. it is possible to take all ideas and inspirations and transcribe them onto a fabric, as it is well explained by karl lagerfeld at chanel. in fact, any cubic form, artistic, graphic makes a sensation like with prada and its op'art patterns from the 70s or even marc jacobs' overflowing imagination for louis vuitton. pier paolo piccioli and maria grazia chiuri : in this collection we would speak about the influences that we take around the world and in some way you can find something folk, but it is not specific folk, it is about a craftsmanship, it is about the regions. karl lagerfeld : and at the same time i was inspired by what is called czech cubism, which is a czech movement of the early century, at the same time as the viennese secession, where there were things that hugely inspired me as much for the colours as for the cuts and shapes, like embroideries in every colour, prisms etc.. there is nothing like this at the exhibition in prague. but the inspiration and the feeling is that, and it's fun to discover something that the general public doesn't know about. marc jacobs : there are plastic stones on top of hologram film, on top of wool brocade and lots of jokes, a lot of things that look extremely heavy embroidery, some of them are very heavy embroidery but done on a very naïve, very poor fabric, and some are on very rich fabric with very poor materials. so there was always this play to create the illusion of very decorative and very ornate. music - bandit & nikit - copyright free