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Meet with Hubert Barrère - Artistic Director at Lesage

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Embroiderer, corsetier, couturier and also artistic director for several years of the house hurel, another big embroiderer. hubert barrère was therefore already well established in the business before he started with lesage in late 2011 (just before the death of the founder, francois lesage). his arrival in the illustrious house, recognized worldwide for the quality of its embroidery done entirely by hand and working with the leading fashion houses as well as many designers, appears as a dream outcome, a passion which has remained intact and which he transmits with joy. hubert barrère : the artistic direction of lesage is to drive the creation, there is a creative studio here which is obviously giving inputs into the creation, to follow the creation whether it be a drawing or a technique with the embroiderers. we establish a close relationship with luxury studios of couture houses and ready to wear houses and we put at their disposition our archives and our technical and creative knowledge to realise their creative desires. all luxury homes come to lesage for quality and creativity. i haven't had these possibilities at this point before so now i feel as if i am at the top, i did not change the status but the level. the lesage house is at another level in any case. it is true that globalization does exist, but i also believe that peculiarity, and individuality have absolutely right of place and what we do here has a very particular perspective on this craftmanship and creativity. i'm sure many customers seek out this particular viewpoint. this piece is a skirt from the chanel paris-versailles cruise collection. what i find interesting about this embroidery is that it also shows our current fabrics and techniques. i think that it's no coincidence embroidery still exists today and it is still relevant because it has always reflected the times even if there are moments when you want less embroidery and moments when you would like more, the fact remains that it is always still relevant, it is not an old job. there is proof of this, on this one here, the plastic has been embossed and metallicized. all these little things here, it is silvery or golden latex, green glass, combined with classic embroidery techniques where there are jewels and tubes put in, silver and gold thread, that's the classic technique, but the mixture of materials makes it altogether in my opinion much more contemporary. music - bandit & nikit - copyright free