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Meet with Philippe Atienza - Director of the house Massaro

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After having worked for many years at john lobb, philippe atienza arrived in 2008 at massaro to succeed the founder who was ready to retire. something not easy when you know that raymond massaro kept a watchful eye and checked every shoe that was manufactured in its tiny workshops located on rue de la paix, just steps from place vendôme in paris. today as a craftsman and ceo of massaro, m. atienza can boast of having met the challenge: maintaining the illustrious house as a reference to custom-made shoes, attracting both individual customers as well as major labels such as chanel ... philippe atienza : to make a shoe that is custom-made consists of meeting the person, taking her measurements, then preparing a fitting which is a model which will define the footwear and once it is confirmed, you make the actual shoe. there are custom-made shoes for women, custom-made shoes for men and each time the work is done with a different technique. i `m really a craftsman and at heart i wish both to carry on activity as manager but also pass on the job to young people so that the activity continues and continues to grow all the while rejuvenating the team, which constitutes the essential and heart of the massaro house. because to sell custom-made shoes, we need to make them, and to make them we need craftsmen and in this case here it is with a fairly young team. custom-made always has a future, there will always be a customer wanting to wear things made according to their fancy, and made according to their needs which can be about comfort or aesthetics. there will always be this type of clientele and the shoe has a future, of course. the only thing, is that 60 years ago custom-made shoes were more common as a consumer product because there was not much industry and today it is more related with a luxury product even though it is a product which we wear, and is extremely common. music - bandit & nikit - copyright free