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"1932 - Bijoux de diamants" - Haute Joaillerie Chanel Collection

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It is on the roofs of the quai branly musuem, with a view over all of paris, that chanel has installed its planetarium. a walk in complete darkness to discover even more closely the " bijoux de diamants " collection in honour of the one produced by gabrielle chanel 80 years ago. only one item from 1932 is shown and with access to the starry sky we discover 80 new pieces made according to the themes dear to mademoiselle: the comet, feathers, the sun or her star sign the lion ... benjamin comar : this collection '1932' is composed of 80 pieces as a tribute to gabrielle chanel's first collection, called `bijoux de diamants' and which was done 80 years ago. during the big crisis in the 30s, the diamond workers asked mademoiselle chanel with her creativeness and celebrity expertise, to revive the diamond industry. so we wanted to do a tribute collection because all the values she communicated to us, in this jewelry collection as values of freedom, flexibility, fluidity, to free the jewel from its chains, from its more corseted side, this was one of our core values today, and that is why we made 80 pieces. these are only creations, there are no re-editions of the items, but they keep a true modernity, they have a very contemporary side, however there are only these new creations that we have done, it is part of the future, it is not the past, we are inspired by the past in terms of its heritage but instead it is put back in the present. we were set two years to complete this collection between its creation, development, and then manufacturing. our philosophy is a little different from other jewelers, we make the creations and then afterwards we find the techniques and stones in order to be as faithful as possible to the drawings, so we put the drawing at the centre of our creation, and it's true that this may perhaps extend a little its development time but they're very accomplished pieces, it is our creative culture that prevails in the house. music - artist : florence and the machine / album : ceremonials / title : heartlines (acoustic) / ref : island