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The veil : new hair accessory

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Couture tries to attempt the extreme and this is the case at maison martin margiela, whose fashion show reveals models with masks of colourful rhinestones .. joking aside, it is the hair accessory that makes it big at chanel first of all with a stylish sequined beret worn on the back of the head. (itw) you can also choose a very couture hairnet worn in a sensual way with jean-paul gaultier. (itw) the veil thus takes over and becomes the accessory. it goes just up to the point where it hides the whole head in valli and dior as a delicate thread placed over the face. giorgio armani, meanwhile, offers a precious veil, embroidered and sequined, more and more present, to be worn with an evening gown. music - artist : of montréal / album : hissing fauna, are you the destroyer / title : the past is the grotesque animal / ref : poly vinyl records