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Peclers Paris - Grace - Color trend - SS 2019

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today 14 de jun de 2017
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Colors this season radiate light in all forms, natural or artificial, bright or muted, as illustrated by the many yellows found throughout the ranges.Variations on whites and mock whites, including the fresher milky and bleached shades, also light up the palette. The first ranges introduce the season by evoking the notion of nature: its beauty, its wonders or its special effects.
The last ranges take the season to more classic territories.
The notion of water is omnipresent, represented by the many blues, throughout the palette, and by the arrival of cactus greens, as if bursting with sap. These bluetinged greens remain natural but move away from past “jungle” moods.
The medium tones, key this summer, infuse the season with softness. Pinks, essential more than ever, come in varied versions and, as seen last winter, present themselves as alternatives to reds.

Slightly less precious and a bit techno, hologram reflections update metallics, their light-diffracting effects play with perceptions.


A sensual and ‘slow’ palette of soft and tender, neutral or delicately colored tones. Shades that capture a poetic, elegant and harmonious vision of nature.


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