In winter, we wrap up, we layer up but we stay on trend!

Winter makes us crave protective clothes, comfortable and cozy. Our wishes are met with quilted and padded pieces, reworked and built for wrapping yourself up in, printed with floral motifs, or foreign landscapes. Coming in a sustainable version, the latest big trend, jackets that button and unbutton according to your will and the surrounding temperature. Winter clothing has developed with ultra-light, bright materials. A luxury survival blanket, with iridescent reflections. In winter, we wrap up, we layer up, but we stay on trend!Interviews:Isabel Marant: Lots of quilted clothes, very cosy, as if you’ve grabbed the duvet from your bed. Johnny Coca: It’s more a reference to the covers we put on horses after their races to keep them warm and so it’s all of these quilted covers with this ribbon edge and in fact we took that reference as well as the ‘countryside’, the English countryside and horse riding. We can take these codes right down to the proportions and the material… that’s why we have these famous capes and the quilted covers. Tuomas Merikoski: It’s a post-consumer puffer jacket, so it’s after use that they have been re-worn and they’re 100% recycled. Music royalty free: Bandit & Nikit 2017

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