Wedding dress designer focus: Violette Tannenbaum

Violette Tannenbaum is young, dynamic, with plenty of style. Self-taught she founded her own ready-to-wear brand before becoming a wedding dress designer, when a blogger asked her to create hers.A Eureka! moment that turned into a passionate profession in a Parisian atelier with simple dresses made beautiful.Interview with Violette Tannenbaum:My motto is ‘be a cool bride’ so my brides are very cool, they’re themselves, they listen to themselves, they’re daring with lots of things and they’re loyal to themselves. At the start, effectively for the dresses, the aesthetic was very very romantic whereas now we’re heading more towards a folk mood, we’ve got things which are more fluid, and the dress is less voluminous, less static. They just want to evolve and to feel good and not be constrained by some huge kind of dress. I think that people are marrying a lot more, so that’s good for us! That turns back to fashion. I didn’t imagine that I’d marry having seen all my aunties marry, but I’ve finally taken the plunge as well. Music royalty free: Bandit & Nikit 2017

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