Fenty Puma by Rihanna show - women's spring/summer collection 2018 (with interview)

Designer: RihannaAtmosphere: A shower of sand starts to fall on the vast dunes at the centre of the scene. Suddenly motorbikes open the show with a series of incredible acrobatic stunts… who other than Puma&Rihanna could start a show like this?Collection: inevitably linked to the world of motorcross. Loose, leather or skin tight suits. Zip, laces and cordage effects, fluorescent detailing reflecting with the Puma graphic logo. Without forgetting the coloured XXL thigh high leg straps. The appearance of many ultra-lightweight parkas, with lots of technical detailing. The ocean isn’t far away, with a large suggestion of swimwear.To note: Rihanna arrives, greeting spectators from a motorbike as she circles the stage.ITW with Whoopi Goldberg: I thought it was extraordinary and magnificent and unlike any other and it made me very happy. I love motocross I just can’t do it. But I love it. I love the shoes, the whole feel was just vibrant and fun and challenging, it challenged you so I’m thrilled with it. I want those heels with the puma in them, those are the ones I want. Music from the show (only for use in context of the show, under the cover of the right to information).

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