Fendi - Women Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Milan (with itw)

Fendi sparks a buzz with drones flying all over the runway. However, this distraction does not divert attention away from the collection. Cutting edge as always, the Roman house equally never forgets its historic expertise and roots. Fur, a signature trademark, is developed in a patchwork, creating new patterns. Sportswear blends with extreme sophistication as not just one but multiple propositions unfold before our eyes. This collection plays on the duality between masculine and feminine with earthy tones dominating the colour palette. Armholes are enveloping, the waist on a skirt low-slung. Clothes are built around a mesh base. For the finale: constellations of stars are scattered on evening dresses and leather tops gathered at the back. An absolute must-have: the Karlito hanging from Cara’s fingertips...Interview:Silvia Venturini Fendi:Cara was carrying what we call a ‘bag boy Karlito’, which is a new charm that you can hang on your bag.Karl Lagerfeld:A fashion house like Fendi that has stores all around the world needs to have a wide and also coherent selection. The idea this time is to have sophisticated sportswear with a very refined, very feminine style, so we take sporty elements and elements of extreme sophistication and we blend them, and I find that this creates a modern melting-pot and this intermix epitomizes the future of beauty. This exploding fur is called a ‘fur escape’ as the stitching is explosive and the fur itself bursts forward. You have to find new, different ways of working fur and only in Italy can you find fur like this; it isn’t the same in other places.ietro Beccari : Italy is living in a particularly political time and I think that its artisanal foundation and these small enterprises deserve to be showcased and I think that Fendi does this very well, very modestly and today, ‘Made in Italy’ pays tribute to this time in Italy where we should be proud to be Italian, even though I do work for a French group, and to highlight these things that we have, especially handicraft and these small businesses.Music from the fashion show

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