The Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M is finally available in 230 outlets worldwide

After months of waiting, the unique Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M is finally available today in 230 outlets worldwide. With this new collaboration, different from others since the brand is mainly followed by insiders, H&M has managed to create excitement through an unconventional communication sparingly broadcast via social networks. With demonstrations in many cities, from Mexico to Toronto, London, Paris, clips slowly reveal the collection, making of photo shoots, the special evening in New York, with the presence of celebrities, arty performances by Anne Teresa de Keersmaecker.Everything had been implemented to arouse envy and cause a craze amongst fans ready to queue for hours to obtain a unique piece. A collection based on re-editions of emblematic clothing and accessories of the house since its creation in 1989.

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Caroline Sarrot :We were very excited to support the premiere of Martin Margiela's collection with H&M, and we are super happy to see the extent to which the collection is conceptual, unstructured and the number of clothes, which at the same time are wearable, beautiful, with shoulder pads and extremely stylish.

For me, Martin Margiela was really an haute couture label and the association with H&M makes it a bit more accessible and gives us access to models which are original reproductions, so it's a great benefit and a great pleasure.

Séverine Morisseau :What's crazy is that they are renewals of models that already existed x years ago and it is mind blowing to see that it's still completely timeless and in accordance with current fashion.

Laurent Dombrowicz :Martin Margiela is the latest big revolution in fashion since 1989, another way of designing clothing, changing the codes, recycling, so it's the latest fashion revolution of the twentieth century.

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